Entertainment of the 50's- Music. Movies, TV+Science Fiction

Movies and Movie Stars of the 50's

Drive In Movies

Drive In Theater
Drive-in Movies
Drive-In Theater

James Dean

American Legends James Dean
James Dean Memorial Timeline
James Dean page .. The Official Site of James Dean

John Wayne
John Wayne - actor, patriot, man of honor
John Wayne
Trail Dust Magazine

Marilyn Monroe

Death of Marilyn Monroe
Denny Jackson's Marilyn Monroe Page
Marilyn Monroe

Marlon Brando

a tribute to Marlon Brando - Biography
a tribute to Marlon Brando - Home Page
a tribute to Marlon Brando - Movie Gallery
E! Online - Fact Sheet - Marlon Brando
TIME 100 Artist & Entertainers - Marlon Brando

Baby boomer memorabilia and pop culture from 1950's to 1970's

Music and Musicians

Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly Inductee Detail
Official Site of Buddy Holly

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley - Biographical Timeline - The Fifties
Elvis Presley - Biographical Timeline - The Sixties
Elvis Presley's Graceland
Elvis Presley_ The Early Years
The (unofficial) Elvis Home Page

Dick Clark's American Bandstand
Fifties Website looks at Alan Freed
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Hall of Fame Inductee Detail
The Fifties Website looks at the Teen Idols
The Music of the Fifties- Songs, Musicians and Dance

Science Fiction Movies

'The Day the Earth Stood Still' compared to today's SCIFI Movies
Classic SciFi Movies of the 50's
Dreams of Tomorrow--Science Fiction Art from Yesterday
Science Fiction MATINEE - 50's

TV Shows of the 50's

TV Comedies

Amos And Andy
Ernie Kovacs - Wikipedia
George Burns and Gracie Allen
Groucho Marx on Television
I Love Lucy with Lucille Ball
Jack Benny on the Web
The Ernie Kovacs Page
The Honeymooners
The Milton Berle Show - Yesterdayland Prime Time
The Unofficial Official Ernie Kovacs Website
TV Comedy Shows from the Fifties - Classic Comedies
TV Variety Shows of the 50's - Classic TV
Welcome to, It's All About Lucy and I Love Lucy
Well! the Jack Benny Site
Your Show of Shows - Yesterdayland Prime Time

TV Drama

50's TV Dramas - Classic TV
Alfred Hitchcock A MysteryNet Website
Alfred Hitchcock Presents - TV Tome
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Memorable TV The TV Shows (1950's) Hawkins Falls
The Twilight Zone Page

TV Family Shows

Ed Sullivan Show
Father Knows Best - Yesterdayland Prime Time
Father Knows Best
Leave It To Beaver - Yesterdayland Prime Time
Leave it to Beaver
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
The Ed Sullivan Show - Yesterdayland Prime Time
The First New Leave it to Beaver Web Page
TV Families of the 50's

TV Kids Shows

Bob Bell's Bozo Show on WGN
Captain Kangaroo - Tom Terrific
Captain Kangaroo - Yesterdayland Saturday Morning TV
Howdy Doody - Yesterdayland Saturday Morning TV
Kids' TV in the Fifties - Classic Saturday Morning TV
Kids' TV in the Fifties
Romper Room
Soupy Sales
The Howdy Doody Show

TV Westerns
Johnny Ringo
Kae Vee's Place-Who Was Sky King
Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp
The Lone Ranger and Clayton Moore
The Rifleman
TV Westerns

Baby boomer memorabilia and pop culture from 1950's to 1970's
Burma Shave Slogans of the Fifties
Cinerhama's TV Page The 1950's
Classic TV - Those Old TV Shows
Quiz Shows of the Fifties - 21, $64,000 Question and more
Television (Superman Homepage)
TV in the 50s - Classic TV of the Fifties
TV Variety Shows of the 50's - Classic TV
TVparty! - New York World's Fair 1964 - 1965
Wall Drug

Lifestyles of the 50's- Improvement, Food, Good Life and Leisure

Fashions and Home Interiors of the 50's

20th Century Fashion History 1950s
A Graphic Portrait of Fifties Fashions
Bobby Soxers - Yesterdayland Fashion
Fads, Fashions and Slang - Fifties Retro Clothes
International Baby Boomers Web Site
New Page 1
Teddy Boy Movement

Food of the 50's

Baby boomer memorabilia and pop culture from 1950's to 1970's - Our Childhood Memories of Food
Breakfast Cereal
McDonald's - History

Gi Bill of Rights and Baby Boomers

History of GI Bill
Welcome to the BOOMER
What happened the year you were born

Levittown, Pennsylvania

Levittown at Fifty-The Life and Times of William J. Levitt
Levittown Building Levittown
LevittownRelics - Levittown Historical Society Newsletter
LevittownRelics -  Facts on Levittown
Levittown_ Documents of an Ideal American Suburb
People's Century Boomtime
The New Frontier- Building in Long Island

Living in the Nuclear Age

Bomb ShelterProtection from the end of the World
International Baby Boomers Web Site
Nuclear Blast & Fallout Shelters FAQ - Part III
Panic Quiz
The Blast Shelter - Underground Shelter Online
Tour The Greenbrier Bunker
What happened the year Mr. Cook and Mrs. Fabbro were born_
When bomb shelters were all the rage

Recreation of the 50's- Nat. Parks, Sports, Olympics


Disneyland History
Mickey Mouse Club
Mouseketeer Lonnie's Clubhouse
Steve's Mouseketeer Pages
The Evolution of Mickey Mouse
The History of Disneyland
The Walt Disney Family Museum - Walt's Story
The Walt Disney Studios - History of the Walt Disney Studios
TUDLP - Walt Disney Biography
Vault Disney - Disney Movies 1950-1989

Fads of the 50's

Apache hairstyle - Yesterdayland Fashion
Ask Jeeves Answer From 'Beat' To Beatnik
Baby boomer memorabilia and pop culture from 1950's to 1970's
Beats - Yesterdayland Fashion
Burma Shave Slogans of the Fifties
Burma Shave Slogans
Dig Maynard G. Krebs' Guide to Beat Speak
Fads of the Fifties - 3-D Movies
Fads of the Fifties - Davy Crockett's Coonskin Caps
Fads of the Fifties - Hula Hoops
Fads of the Fifties - Telephone Stuffing, Cramming
Fads of the Fifties- Chlorophyll
Fads of the Fifties- Poodles
Fads of the Fifties
Fashion and Fads in the United States from 1950 to the present
Hula Hoop
Invention of the Hula Hoop
Phone Booth Packing
Slang of the Fifties
The Bad Fads Museum - Activities
The Bad Fads Museum - Events
The Bad Fads Museum - Fashion

Olympics 1952-1956

1952 Summer Olympics
1952 Winter Olympics
1956 Summer Olympics
1956 Winter Olympics
Cortina d'Ampezzo 1956 #2
Cortina D'Ampezzo 1956
Helsinki 1952 #2
Helsinki 1952
Melbourne 1956 #2
Melbourne 1956
Oslo 1852
Oslo 1952

Sports of the 50's


50's Sports Heroes
DiMaggio, Joe, an Encarta Encyclopedia Article Titled DiMaggio, Joe Joltin' Joe was a hit for all reasons
Jackie Robinson Society
Jackie Robinson
Joe D.
Joe DiMaggio
PBS Doesn't Balk at Showing Slugger's Flaws
Robinson, Jackie, an Encarta Encyclopedia Article Titled Robinson, Jackie


Marciano, Rocky, an Encarta Encyclopedia Article Titled Marciano, Rocky
Rocky Marciano #2
Rocky Marciano
Sonny Liston+ Rocky Marciano
The Brown Bomber -- The man behind the fist

Jim Brown
Johnny Unitas
New Page 1

Toys of the 50's

Baby boomer memorabilia and pop culture from 1950's to 1970's - Our Childhood Memories of Toys
Fifties Toys
History of Silly Putty
Hula Hoop
Inventing Barbie
Invention of Silly Putty
The Bad Fads Museum - Collectibles
The History of the Frisbee Disc
The Official LEGO Web Site
Welcome to Wham-O

Wall Drug

Science and Technology of the 50's- Cars, Tech,Space and Inventions

Automobiles of the 50's


Edsel Articles
EDSELS galore
The Rise and Fall of the Edsel

Baby boomer memorabilia and pop culture from 1950's to 1970's
California Dreaming - Hot Cars - Muscle Cars of the 50's
Cars of the 50's
Cars our Parents drove
Corvette History.htm
Encyclopedia SmithsonianTucker Auto
Fifties Automobiles
Hudson Classic Cars
Living Retro - Classic Cars
New Page 1
Studebaker National Museum
The 1957 Chevrolet Belair
The Fifties, Rewind the Fifties, 50's Links
Tucker Automobile Pages - Keeping the Legend Online

Invention and Technology in the 50's

50's inventions
American Experience Tupperware! PBS
Earl Silas Tupper was the Inventor of Tupperware
Events in the History of Computing - 1950
History Channel
Inventions and transportation
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
Scientist of the Month-Jonas Salk- Polio Vaccine - Magazine- Plastic History
The Boeing Company
The Fifties- The Atomic Age
Welcome to the Sandretto Museum! Plastic History

Space Exploration

Animal Astronauts

Animal Astronauts 32
Animal Astronauts


Early Astronauts
Yuri Gagarin Biography
yuri gagarin

Explorer- 1st U.S. Satellite

Explorer Information
Explorer Spacecraft Series
Explorer- U.S. unmanned space mission

Kennedy Space Center- Cape Canaveral

The Kennedy Space Center Story #1
The Kennedy Space Center Story

Sputnik- 1st Satellite- Russian

CNN - Cold War- Sputnik
Sputnik #2
Sputnik #3
Sputnik Launch plus 40
Sputnik- #1
Sputnik_ First Artificial Satellite

A Brief History of Rocketry
CNN - Apollo 11 at 30 - Space Race
CNN - Cold War Experience Technology - 360 degree picture gallery
CNN - Cold War Experience Technology
History of Space Exploration
NASA's History Office
Space history Aviation, rocketry and pre-manned spaceflight history.
Space Race Exhibition

Fear of Polio in the 1950s (Beth Sokol)

American History - 1950-1959